Issues with Ryan's Conviction

Bathtub seized Illegally

The bathtub was not listed in the search warrant and was illegally seized from the Widmer's home.

Rushed Autopsy

Dr. Uptegrove, who completed Sarah's autopsy, made a rushed decision as to how she died. With Detective Braley in the room and before he had Sarah's medical records or toxicology report he decided Sarah was murdered. Tests that could have shown what actually happened to Sarah were never completed because they were considered "too costly" according to Dr. Uptegrove. Since Sarah's heart and brain were not correctly preserved these tests cannot be completed to determine what actually killed Sarah.  Had Dr. Uptegrove correctly performed Sarah's autopsy without any preconceived notions, a detective in the room and with Sarah's full medical history the outcome would have been different.

Incompetent Investigator

The lead detective of the case, Jeff Braley, lied on his job application about his previous work experience and education. Ryan's defense attorneys were not allowed to question Braley about this in court. Therefore jurors never knew about his lack of experience and training in investigations as well as his track record for being dishonest in this and other investigations. Braley has since resigned from the police department. 

Junk Science

Testimony about fingers prints and marks on the tub were based on junk science. This testimony shouldn't have been allowed since no one could say when the marks were made or who they were made by. 

Ryan was denied the right to test Sarah's DNA for rare genetic conditions

Although a judge ruled that prosecutors, who have the only remaining DNA of Sarah's, have to preserve the DNA, Ryan was denied the right to test it for disorders such as Long QT Syndrome.