Ryan & Sarah's Story

Ryan and Sarah’s relationship started much like any other relationship would. In August 2006, they were set up by their mutual friend, Dana Kist. Dana knew that they would be perfect for each other, on the night of their blind date, Ryan and Sarah quickly realized it too. They instantly connected, seeing each other every chance they got and soon after, started introducing each other to their family and friends. In early 2007, as their relationship deepened, they started searching for a home together. They closed on a house a few months later and started planning their future together. Ryan knew for sure that his future included Sarah. So one night he tied a ring to his dog, Cj’s collar and sent him into their master bathroom where Sarah was getting ready. Ryan, being Ryan, could only manage to utter “Will you....?” Of course Sarah said yes! Spunky Sarah quickly started wedding preparations for their perfect day. Everything was planned down to the tiniest detail, in typical Sarah fashion. On April 19, 2008, surrounded by their family and  friends, Ryan and Sarah pledged their love to one another in a beautiful ceremony. They spent a romantic honeymoon in Costa Rica before returning home to settle into the newlywed life, excited to start the rest of their lives together. Little did they know their life together was going to be cut short on  August 11, 2008.